Vermin Control

We understand vermin is an ongoing issue, with an estimated 15 million rats in the UK, rats and mice cause millions of pounds of damage every year to UK farms, businesses and homes. Vermin contaminate and consume animal feed and stored crops, cause structural damage and create fire hazards by chewing electrical wire.

We stock a vast range of rat and mice baits and baiting stations, suitable for professional use with completed rodenticide compliance form, along with those approved for domestic and household use.

In addition to baits for rats and mice, we offer solutions for all common pests including:

  • Rat and mouse traps and cages
  • Mole traps
  • Fly Insect control – fly spray, sticky fly papers, red top fly traps
  • Banger ropes and rockets for pigeon and other winged vermin
  • Mink / squirrel traps
  • Rabbit traps
  • Fox traps
  • Wasp nest foam and powder
  • Larsen traps