Dairy supplies, South and West Yorkshire

At Melvyn Carr Ltd, we pride ourselves in dairy hygiene. We have a good range of quality dairy chemicals being agents for Kilco and Deosan. If you are involved in the dairy sector, we carry a range of dairy parts and products, whether it is for your parlour or just for general dairy disbursement.

We are also heavily involved in the milking machine insulation being proud agents of Fullwood packo as we do also offer installation and services for Fullwood parlours (see more about our dairy service on our services page).

  • Tank cleaners
  • Circulation cleaners
  • Manual cleaners
  • Bottle washing chemicals
  • Teats dips (udder hygiene)
  • Paper towels
  • Egg cartons
  • Milk round books
  • Filter socks
  • Dairy aprons
  • Parlour wear
  • Cattle wormer
  • Calving equipment
  • Calf feeding
  • Silage additives
  • Minerals

Being Fullwood Packo main agents for the area, dairy is an important side of our business. From the milking machine installation, to parts and everyday sundries, such as, dairy chemicals, paper towels, udder cream, parlour wear and much more.